A home-based, strength-training program centered on female physiology and function. 

Whether you’ve strength-trained for years, or are a complete beginner, this is the female-centered foundation that your body needs.

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​​Do you wish you were stronger but don't know where to start? 


Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, and crave a detailed workout plan of exactly what to do, how to do it, and when?


You know that most exercise programs are designed for the male body, and you feel confused about what truly supports and strengthens your female physiology...


But don't know where to find what you're looking for!

Strength Training for the Female Body is a collection of my favorite go-to strength training exercises, intelligent breathing and postural instruction for female pelvic alignment, and manageable workouts that fit into your busy schedule.

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Women come to me ALL the time asking for tips, guidance, and plans for their workouts.

I get it, it can be overwhelming learning that MOST workout or strength training programs truly cause more harm than good to female bodies. 

I'm here to assure you ​​that you can build strength, support your hips, back, and pelvic floor, heal chronic pain, and feel good in your body, (and yes, you can do this at home, with kids, with minimal equipment, in 20-40 minutes per day.

So if you... 

  • are looking for an accessible workout that fits into your busy schedule 
  • want a stay-at-home strength training routine with minimal equipment (no gym membership required)
  • want to be told exactly what to do, how to do it, and how many times
  • want a customizable program that teaches you the primary functional movements to build strength
  • want to see results, feel better, and not feel depleted from your workouts


Then this program was made for you. 



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I made this program because building strength minimizes pain, improves our pelvic health, and helps support the overall health of our female bodies.

If you want to move more comfortably, feel more capable, and get out of pain, then Strength Training for the Female Body is for you!



There’s two ways to train:



This is a great choice for you if you don’t want or need live support and accountability.
This option allows you to:
  • Strength train at home, on your own schedule.
  • Use follow-along videos
  • Utilize the circuits I’ve created for you (adjusting workouts to the time you have available).
  • Create your own circuits, using the principles outlined in this course.
  • Bring your questions to the monthly live Q&A call!



Train Live With Me Twice a Week:

This is a great choice if you get overwhelmed by self-paced courses, don’t always know where to start, or could use accountability support.
This option allows you to: 
  • Be guided through your strength-training, every step of the way, inside our LIVE six-month container.
  • Train with me live twice a week. Class times are Tuesday & Friday mornings at 10 AM ET for 50 minutes each.  
  • Follow along live as I demo and cue you through your whole workout, including warmups, breathing exercises, and fascial release.
  • Bring your questions to the monthly live Q&A call. 
For months 1-3, we will work through and build upon the circuits in this course, developing strong foundations, improving form, and practicing getting consistent. 
For months 3-6, we’ll be adding new exercises, increasing plyometrics, and maintaining the accountability you’ve created while enjoying more play and freedom in your body. Six months of strength-training twice a week can truly transform your life. 
Join in now for this live 6-month group container, OR if you are joining in later, get access to the full recording library so you can move through the six months of progressive class recordings at your own pace. 

Whether you are new to strength training, or in a regular workout routine, this course will help you refocus on building sustainable strength, comfort and stability in your female body.  After years of teaching movement from a variety of modalities, consistent female-focused strength training is what helps me stay pain free and feel my best. This program is what I do regularly to support my pelvic vibrancy and overall health. 

















Workouts designed to be done at home, with minimal equipment, in 20-40 minutes.



Full warm up section, including breath and supported female posture videos.



Follow-along videos for every circuit.



30+ detailed strength-training videos for every single exercise, including cueing for your pelvic floor, so you know you’re doing each exercise correctly. 



  • Special instructions for pregnant & postpartum women 
  • Protein Intake Guide
  • Cyclical Movement Guide 
  • Bridging Sequence 
  • Follow-Along Myofascial Release



  • Written Explanations of every Exercise
  • 5 Core Actions for Female Strength-Training
  • Suggested Training Calendar
  • Resources & Equipment List 



ADD ON! The option to train with me live for six months.





Stephanie Robinson

"Adelaide is able to explain the function of the body on a granular level, solidifying the saying of 'everything is connected.' I learned to pay attention to the subtleties of the body and by simple mindfully walking, sitting, and standing can cause major shifts. I learned to awaken sleepy muscles and get over the mental fear of cramping and pain. " 

Lindsay Courcelle 

"Adelaide is amazingly skilled as an instructor, and also so smart and intuitive. She is changing women's lives, empowering them to live pain-free and get to know their bodies in the most intimate ways. Her approach to movement, strength training, and women’s health, makes her my go-to resource on this topic. She is truly a joy to be around and I feel honored to call her a mentor, colleague and friend."

Nancy Lucina

"Adelaide has an incredible ability to explain what would normally feel very complex to me into simple easy to understand language. This has helped me understand what's happening in my body and how to fully inhabit my female form with more confidence and ease. I've noticed very positive results in my body after even a short time of working with her. I wish all women could soak up her wisdom!"

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Meet Adelaide Meadow 

Adelaide is a physiologist, yoga teacher, bodyworker, and homebirth attendant who is passionate about the radical feminist reclamation of the body.

Her genius is her ability to read the female body- specifically, women's sacred posture and the magic of the female pelvis.

She is passionate about liberating movement practices from biologically inaccurate and harmful bodily teachings that are grounded in male physiology, and rebirthing female movement practices.

She is a sought-after teacher, leader, and speaker on women's health and women's culture, as well as the author and illustrator of a children's book about undisturbed birth.


Join the hundreds of women who are reclaiming strength-training for their female physiology.


Self-paced course:


  • Lifetime access to the self-paced course
  • 30+ training videos
  • Follow-along recorded trainings for each circuit
  • Sample workout plans & DIY guidance 
  • Access to our bonus materials 
  • Monthly live Q&A calls to get your questions answered
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Add on the 6-month live class membership subscription for

$100 a month

  • Everything in the self-paced course PLUS…
  • Twice weekly, 50-minute live workouts
  • Access to the full recording library
  • Group accountability for six months
  • Monthly Q&A call where you can get your questions answered
  • The opportunity to see your body transform after six months of dedicated training
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