where well-woman care is being redefined.

 this is where well-woman care is being redefined.

Everything in the female body is designed to support optimal sexual and reproductive health. And yet, female pelvic health is most often overlooked in women’s healthcare, exercise spaces, perinatal care and our modern culture as a whole.


I study and teach female physiology, midwifery, and feminist history from a women-centered perspective to pave the way for vibrant female health and culture.


I work 1:1 with women in my well-woman care practice, as well as facilitate group offerings online and in-person. 

True Core Health 

A comprehensive core and pelvic healing program for the woman who wants to deepen her understanding of her body, and resolve her diastasis, prolapse, back pain, and pelvic pain- FOR GOOD.


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Prenatal movement


Live Virtual Prenatal Yoga & Pregnancy Women’s Circle with Adelaide Meadow

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Born through movement

A study of birth biomechanics, prenatal movement, & actionable ways to support baby’s pathway through the pelvis.

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Strength Training

For the

Female Body

A home-based, strength-training program centered on female physiology and function. 

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There's More!

Take a look at my full list of courses and masterclasses. I combine my years of anatomy & physiology study, midwifery training, yoga teaching and strength-training to bring you female-centered offerings where the body is just the beginning.

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Want to work with me 1:1?

I support women with a variety of pelvic health concerns, pain resolution, perinatal care, and in-person authentic midwifery care. 

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Meet Adelaide Meadow

Adelaide is a female physiologist, traditional birth attendant, sought-after teacher, leader, and speaker on women's health and women's culture, as well as the author and illustrator of a children's book about undisturbed birth. 

She is passionate about feminism from a physiological perspective.

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What Women Are Saying

Lindsay S.

 "Adelaide is a wealth of knowledge on the female body. She helped me navigate pregnancy, birth and post partum with so much groundedness and wisdom. She has helpful explorations for everything from healing a yeast infection to pelvic floor integration to encouraging me to try elimination communication with my baby again after I gave up.Working with her is working truly like working with a sister and a friend in the best way possible."

Nancy L.

"Adelaide has an incredible ability to explain what would normally feel very complex to me into simple easy to understand language. This has helped me understand what's happening in my body and how to fully inhabit my female form with more confidence and ease. I've noticed very positive results in my body after even a short time of working with her. I wish all women could soak up her wisdom!"

Katie C.

"I really loved two things in particular about working with Adelaide: 1. How holistic her lens was and that she was willing to meet me where I was at each week. She listened for details in my relationships, dreams, and body to help guide what we needed to address. It felt like we were tracking my body rather than moving through a set protocol. 2. That she really cares about women. It comes through in how she speaks, relates, empathizes, and it makes the personal relationship very special."

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