Born Through Movement

A study of birth biomechanics, prenatal movement, & actionable ways to support baby’s pathway through the pelvis. 
Learn how to actually support the birth process.

Contrary to popular belief, you CAN help your body and your baby during pregnancy and birth.

Don’t wait until your baby is here to support their somatic wellbeing.

Connect with your body and your baby from the start. 

Shift your biomechanics and help create space for baby to be born.

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 Strength Training for the Female Body

​​You can build strength, support your hips, back, and pelvic floor, heal chronic pain, and feel good in your body, (and yes, you can do this at home, with kids, with minimal equipment, in 20-40 minutes per day.

Strength Training for the Female Body is a collection of my favorite go-to strength training exercises, intelligent breathing and postural instruction for female pelvic alignment, and manageable workouts that fit into your busy schedule.

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True Core Health

Learn, Move, & Heal: Feel Solid in your Core and Pelvic Health

Invest in a program that celebrates and strengthens your female body, rather than focusing on flat abs, beach bodies, and bounceback culture.

 True core health is so much more than sit ups, fitness trends, and #fitmom culture.  

True Core Health is a comprehensive core and pelvic healing program for the woman who wants to deepen her understanding of her body, and resolve her diastasis, prolapse, back pain, and pelvic pain- FOR GOOD.


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Meet Adelaide Meadow

Adelaide is a physiologist, yoga teacher, bodyworker, and homebirth attendant who is passionate about the radical feminist reclamation of the body.

Her genius is her ability to read the female body- specifically, women's sacred posture and the magic of the female pelvis.

She is passionate about liberating movement practices from biologically inaccurate and harmful bodily teachings that are grounded in male physiology, and rebirthing female movement practices.

She is a sought-after teacher, leader, and speaker on women's health and women's culture, as well as the author and illustrator of a children's book about undisturbed birth.