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I offer radical pelvic health support packages and perinatal support packages for women seeking pelvic health support outside of the medical system.
I walk with women to heal a variety of pelvic health concerns: prolapse, bladder incontinence, painful sex, recurrent vaginal infections, pelvic pain and more.
My radical pelvic health support package is also for women who want to troubleshoot movement-related questions or biomechanical pain. 

Radical Pelvic Health Support

Pelvic healing outside of the lens of pathology for the woman who wants an integrative approach to healing her body.

In these 60-minute sessions, we will address your pelvic health concerns from a physiological, emotional, intuitive, and lifestyle perspective. We will use the assessment tools of female anatomy and physiology, skilled observation, felt sense, and the experiences of other women to assemble a plan for your healing. Sessions include a combination of physiological education, movement practices, self-inquiry coaching, and holistic support to address exactly where you are on your healing trajectory. 

Together we will find solutions for sustainable healing.

2 Session Package

60 min

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4 Session Package

60 min

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Perinatal Support Package

Radical childbirth education and birth preparation for the woman seeking authentic midwifery support outside of the medical system.

Whether you are looking for a live counterpart to your online childbirth education course, couple's support sessions for planning your natural birth, or sisterly care while preparing for your freebirth or homebirth, this package is for you.

Designed to provide a foundational understanding for women & families who are planning physiological births, we will spend time clarifying your values, addressing fears related to birth, and developing a thorough understanding of the hormonal requirements & inherent safety of the birth process.

This is true woman-centered perinatal care.

Looking for more birth-related support? Click HERE for information about home birth attendance or full prenatal care.

2 Session Package

60 min

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4 Session Package

60 min

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Looking for movement, or strength training support? 

It can be hard to find movement teachers that are teaching from a place of female physiology, and a lot movement programs to sift through to find the one that is actually in support of your body.

Women come to me all the time looking for guidance in their movement practice, wether that's to heal body pain, or to incorporate more exercise in their daily lives. 

For these reasons I made Strength Training for the Female Body, an introductory course for strength training for women. 

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"Adelaide is a wealth of knowledge on the female body. She helped me navigate pregnancy, birth and post partum with so much groundedness and wisdom. She has helpful explorations for everything from healing a yeast infection to pelvic floor integration to encouraging me to try elimination communication with my baby again after I gave up."


"Adelaide has an incredible ability to explain what would normally feel very complex to me into simple easy to understand language. This has helped me understand what's happening in my body and how to fully inhabit my female form with more confidence and ease. I've noticed very positive results in my body after even a short time of working with her. I wish all women could soak up her wisdom!"

-Willow -

"When I was in sudden intense and unknown pain, Adelaide gave me simple practices to come back to stability and joy in my body. She taught me how to breathe for the health of my pelvis, and through that breath and a few minutes every day of her delicious movement snacks, I am healing and remembering strength in my postpartum body."

So, are you ready to peel back the layers, understand your body, and find a path to better health?

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