"Adelaide is a wealth of knowledge on the female body. She helped me navigate pregnancy, birth and post partum with so much groundedness and wisdom. She has helpful explorations for everything from healing a yeast infection to pelvic floor integration to encouraging me to try elimination communication with my baby again after I gave up. Working with her is working truly like working with a sister and a friend in the best way possible."

- Katie - 

"I really loved two things in particular about working with Adelaide: 1. How holistic her lens was and that she was willing to meet me where I was at each week. She listened for details in my relationships, dreams, and body to help guide what we needed to address. It felt like we were tracking my body rather than moving through a set protocol. 2. That she really cares about women. It comes through in how she speaks, relates, empathizes, and it makes the personal relationship very special. I felt like I was speaking with a friend or older sister rather than a healer, though I felt I got the best of all roles."


"When I was in sudden intense and unknown pain, Adelaide gave me simple practices to come back to stability and joy in my body. She taught me how to breathe for the health of my pelvis, and through that breath and a few minutes every day of her delicious movement snacks, I am healing and remembering strength in my postpartum body."

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