Born Through Movement Payment Plan

4 Monthly Payments of $105

Babies are born through movement.

This course is a resource for birth professionals, bodyworkers, and mothers alike- the more involved we all are in our birth culture, the better our birth culture becomes.

Add it to your self-directed prenatal care kit, your midwifery skills, or your rightful knowledge as a woman. 

In this course you will learn:

  • In-depth pelvic anatomy and physiology, with breakdowns for the pelvic inlet, mid-pelvis, and the outlet 
  • How to connect somatically with each layer of the pelvis, and how to encourage your clients to do so too
  • The biomechanics of what is actually happening as baby makes his or her way through the pelvic pathway
  • Essential actions for pregnancy and birth
  • Supportive tips for actions of daily living
  • The connection between common pregnancy discomforts and fetal positioning
  • Specific biomechanical origins and movement practices for common pain patterns
  • Movements to focus on for every trimester
  • & so much more!

What’s inside of  Born Through Movement?

  • 30+ detailed, educational videos
  • Follow-along movement videos for each trimester that help you learn about supporting an easeful birth process
  • Resource PDFs to educate yourself or share with clients
  • 3-month subscription to Birth & BodyWork with Adelaide & Mandy
  • BONUS! Self-Palpation of the Uterus video
  • BONUS! Self-Release for Ligament Pain video
  • BONUS! Self-Palpating and Measuring the Bony Pelvis
  • Continuing education resources for myofascial release, functional movement, prenatal bodywork and more

$105.00 USD

5 monthly payments

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Born Through Movement is not medical advice, nor is this a midwifery skills training. This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of birth through a biomechanical lens. Midwifery practice and skills are developed only through in-person, birth attendance.  

I understand that my purchase is non-refundable.

Add on Healing Movement for the First 40 Days for $75 (originally $149). 

There’s so much pressure to “get moving” quickly after birth, but wise women know that is not the way forward... yet you wonder if there are ways you can move that support your early postpartum body. 

The truth is: movement is deeply nourishing for the body, at every stage of healing. The key is knowing what type of movement is appropriate for this early and tender stage. Gentle and repetitive movement patterns are incredibly soothing for our nervous system, and can help us step into our bodies. This isn’t a class about “bouncing back”, or “exercising”. This is a class about restoring function and comfort in a gentle way, while respecting the deep need for rest in the first forty days. 

Preparing for postpartum may be even more important than planning for birth. Get this course now and feel confident stepping into your postpartum experience.  

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